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Family Services


Counselling Services is available to everyone, regardless of race or religion, who has a need for such support. BCCSC also receives cases referred by other government and community bodies such as schools, hospitals and religious institutions. The areas of counselling include marital, interpersonal, financial, family-related, elder care, behavioural and education-related issues.

School Social Work

The School Social Work programmes focuses on helping at-risk youths reach their potential by developing their character through various activities, mentoring and counselling. We provide various programmes that cater to the needs of primary and secondary school students. BCCSC is in partnership with various institution in providing the following services:

  • Counselling
  • Mentorship
  • Motivational workshop
  • Life-skills Workshop
  • Parenting Workshop
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Character Building Camp
  • Parent-Child Bonding Activity
  • Teacher Consultation Session

Youth Club

Family Services further runs a Youth Club to provide a safe place for youths to build healthy friendship and habits. In Youth Club, platforms are created for the youths to learn values of respect, trust, courage and how to accept others and work as a team. The youths also learn new skills and are facilitated to build resilience as they make go through Secondary School.